In these perplexing times of turmoil, where creativity was forced to morph into survival, Beauty has taken prevalence within the grotesque. The traditional value system has turned into a misunderstood and undervalued currency for emotion. Freedom has become a perverse form of anarchy and the soul – an unbearable noose.

Within these past few years, the sacral humanity was eviscerated from the common person, then twisted and remodeled, and given back as nothing more than a coin to use for trade. Sarcasm and ultimatums, egoism and apathy became a regular part of our day-to-day, despite this beating organ in our chests trying desperately to correct and remind us that there we are still a soul, whether we are asleep, alone on the pavement, or when we look up at the sky or gaze into another’s eyes.

The paintings from the SOUL FOR SALE series are my way of voicing my compendium of humanity. Humanity, the people whom in order to adapt have been forced to “sell” their souls. However, to adapt does not mean to conform. For a person is incapable of escaping their true self, despite how hard they try. The self needs to be allowed to evolve and develop, it should not be repressed. For the core self cannot and should not be altered – if you attempt to completely change even a single aspect of it, you will never be done in one single life time.

“A body in motion remains in motion or a body at rest remains at rest, unless acted upon by a force.”
This is Newton’s first law. This is why I always wonder what makes one react in the way that one does. I believe that behind every grotesque hides Beauty, engulfed in the twistedness of circumstance and perception.

SOUL FOR SALE – at Lampion gallery, 2A Krakra Street, from the 13 th to the 20 th of October from 8pm.
SOUL FOR SALE – a series of paintings, mixed technique – oil paints, charcoal, pastel and various
types of gold on canvas.